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Wedding Info

June 7, 2013
Choctaw Central Fire Station
Thibodaux, LA

Thibodaux, LA


Chackbay, LA


Choctaw, LA


Choctaw, LA


Tyler Joseph's Parents

Tyler is the son of Troy Lanegrasse & Lisa Loupe.

Lexi Lynne's Parents

Lexi is the daughter of Stanley & Christina Hebert

Tyler Joseph's Attendants

Haley Hebert & Kristen Deemes

M. of honor

Emily Lanegrasse, Karlie Adams, Mandi Sweeney, Cassie Verdin, Courtney Hebert, and Paige Sanchez


Lexi Lynne's Attendants

Joshua Phillips & Stephan Lindley

Best man

Kwen Lanegrasse, Kent Hebert, Brent Giroir, Reola Lanegrasse Jr., Brandon Ordoryne, and Trent Benoit


Flower girl

Adeline Lanegrasse & Danielle Phillips

Ring bearer

Brayden Blanchard & Elijah Phillips

Tyler Joseph Lanegrasse and Lexi Lynne Hebert

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Wedding-Day Weather

Our wedding day started off raining, but we believe God was with us & made the sun shine right before the ceremony.


Our colors were red, black, & a hint of silver.


The 6 bridesmaids carried a boquet of white hydrangea's, while the two maids of honor carried dark red. The bride carried a boquet of large white roses with a delicate dark red rose in the center.

First Dance

Our first dance was to "Best I've Ever Had" by Gary Allan.


The cake was white, topped with roses. No filling. We wanted to be simple & have something that everyone would eat and love!


We decided to do something simple, yet elegant. Two chocolate kisses wrapped in toole, stating "Here's two kisses from the new Mr. & Mrs."

Vendor Shout-Out

Thank you Tracy at Pretty Petals for making our wedding beautiful!

If We Knew Then What We Know Now

If we knew how difficult it was going to be planning a wedding in the short amount of time that we were engaged, we would have waited longer, but due to the circumstances we were under, we had no choice to but to go ahead with a quick engagement. But, we wouldn't have had our wedding any other way.

Honeymoon Destination

Biloxi, Mississippi