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Engagement Info

December 6, 2011
Houma, LA

Wedding Info

July 20, 2013
Eagle Wright Baptist Church
Gray, LA



Houma, LA


Gray, LA


Houma, LA


Cecily's Parents

Mr. Steve and Mrs. Faye Morgan Sr.

Antonual's Parents

Mr. Antonual and Mrs. Sandra Brown Sr.

Kay Jewelers

Cecily Morgan and Antonual Brown Jr.

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How We Met

I would say we met in April or May of 2009 at H. L. Bourgeois High School. He would say we met in our junior high days at Evergreen when I was his square dancing partner. Our first impressions of each other would have to be intrigued. When you meet an amazing person, you just want to know more and more about them.

How We Got Engaged

On December 6, 2011, Antonual asked me to be his wife. December 6 is my birthday, and the day we started dating. On that day, we dressed up and went out to dinner at Chili's. We invited two of our friends. We were just catching up and enjoying our meal. Then after we were done, Antonual and I exchanged anniversary gifts. He read my letter and then I read his. Of course, I was getting teary eyed because his letter was really sweet. Then, I received another card. It was very big. On the front of the card it said "Cecily" and in the inside it said "Happy Birthday! P.S. Will you marry me?" The first thing I said was OMG bae are you serious. I thought this was so funny because days before we were talking about going to a restaurant and him proposing for a prank. That's why my reaction was like are you joking. But of course, he had fooled me. He was on one knee with the flower ring asking me to marry him. When I saw the ring, I knew he was being serious. I said YES! And the rest is history.

About the Ring

I just googled my ring. It is a 14K white gold diamond engagement ring, but I would describe it as big, gaudy, and beautiful. The thing that makes it really unique is that it is a flower. The day we went to Kay Jewelers. I was under the impression that we were going to look for a necklace for his mother, but what I didn't know was that he had already told the sales associate that we were coming in to look at rings. She told me that his exact words were that I could have any ring I wanted. Back to the story, I'm just going from case to case ,and I just so happened to stop in front of the engagement rings. I just started trying them on of course, and I fell in love with the flower ring. Did I think I was going to get the flower ring? No, because I was just having fun.

Our Shared Interests

We just enjoy being with each other. If it's just taking a drive and see where we end up or just wrestling in the pouring rain in the front yard. It is the small things that matter.

Our Favorite Date Night

We enjoy trying new food at restaurants, and watching movies. We love bowling, playing laser tag, and playing arcade games because we are so competitive. He says he let's me win. I say I'm just that good.

The Part of the Wedding We're Most Excited About?

We are not only excited about finally being Mr. and Mrs. Brown, but we are excited to share our amazing day with our family and friends. We can't wait to see everyone, and we hope it's like a big reunion.

Our Relationship in Three Words