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DIY Project: Wedding Wine Glass Charm

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A wine charm makes for a fantastic DIY favor, whether you make them before your wedding or provide them as a take-home favor.


Seed beads (30 to 40 per charm)
Silver Hoop earring
Monogram or thank-you charm

Scrapbooking paper
Shaped paper-punch
Small glass favor jar
Plain gift tags
Rubber stamp
Stamp ink
3/8-inch ribbon
Small jewelry zip bag

To create the wine charm:

1. String roughly half of the seed beads onto the hoop earring (you can customize the colors to match your wedding theme and décor!)

2. String the charm onto earring, so that it is around the center of the charm.

3. String the remaining beads onto the hoop.

4. Using pliers, bend the non-loop end of the earring so it will hook into the loop and clasp.

5. Secure the beaded hoop around the base of the wine glass or champagne flute at the tables for your reception!

To create the favor jar:

1. Put the hoop earring, seed beads and charm in the jewelry zip bag, and put that inside the favor jar.

2. Create “confetti” out of the scrapbooking paper using the shaped paper-punch and sprinkle a bit into jar.

3. Stamp both side of the gift tag.

4. Cut two 8-inch pieces of ribbon.

5. Clasp the jar shut.

6. Slide the ribbon through the hole in the gift tag and tie the ribbons around the lid of the jar.

7. Voila!

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