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When You Just Need to Get There, Consider the Bus

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Today’s Metropolitan Diary on the NYT’s City Room blog shares a brief tale of a just-wed couple under the gun to make their wedding-dinner reservation.

There were mishaps at the City Clerk’s office that delayed when their ceremony, then, once finally married, there were no cabs to be hailed.

With minutes till the kitchen closed desperately ticking away, salvation appeared in the form of an MTA bus:

The groom’s sister-in-law notices the M22 stopping in front of us. She and I think for a split second — the bus on their wedding day, and we think it’s going crosstown. She runs to ask the driver if he’s stopping on Chambers. He is and she yells, “Everyone on the bus!”

Some of us have cards, some do not; some have never taken the bus before. We escape the heat and the wait for a cab and, happily, if quizzically, head west.

The bus is mostly empty but for a few tourists, some children and their caretakers. We take our seats. The bride throws her bouquet.

We leave to the well-wishes of our bus driver, run a few blocks and make our reservation.

We've said it before: Public transportation is a great option for weddings (if you’re in a large metro area with decent public-transit system, of course).

It’s cheap. It’s efficient. There are no parking headaches. And it’s got an eco-friendly factor, to boot.

It's not exactly Ben Braddock and Elaine Robinson at the end of "The Graduate," but you still have a great story to tell after the wedding.

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