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Photographer Captures Stunning Photo of Bride with 'Double Rainbow' Backdrop

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Being based in Anchorage, Alaska, means photographer Josh Martinez is never short on stunning backdrops for his photos. Snow-capped mountains, verdant forests and seemingly endless lakes and rivers are the settings for many of engagement and wedding photos you'll find in his portfolio.

At a recent wedding shoot, though, Martinez, a senior photographer at Chugach Peaks Photography, added another unique backdrop: a double rainbow.

Using an arial team, Martinez took couple up to the top of Mount Alyeska, where on the way up they noticed a rainbow appear over the valley. The photog positioned the bride on the side of the hill in hopes that the rainbow would reappear — which it did, along with a second rainbow.

“I was stoked to see that we’d actually pulled off this shot,” Martinez told PetaPixel.

He even joked that he got a new slogan out of the photo: “We guarantee double rainbows on your wedding day."

Source: PetaPixel

[Photo: Josh Martinez/Chugach Peaks Photography]

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