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OKC Thunder's Russell Westbrook Tweets Marriage Proposal for Fan

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Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook just made his biggest assist yet. This time, though, it happened off the court.

It started last week when Charlie Bright, a recent University of Oklahoma graduate, shot Westbrook a message of Facebook that began — in big bold letters — MARRIAGE PROPOSAL. No, Bright wasn't proposing — to Westbrook, anyway. He was planning to propose to his girlfriend, Rachel Haycraft — their first date was a Thunder game — and hewanted to enlist Westbrook's help, so he wanted to make sure the message caught Westbrook's attention.

After a couple days, Westbrook responded, saying "I'm down, what's the plan?" 

Bright and Westbrook messaged back and forth to come up with a plan: Westbrook would tweet the proposal at Haycraft,  at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, to be exact. The couple was going to be under the clock tower at OU's Gaylor Memorial Stadium (they met at a Sooner football game).

With the plan in place, and once they'd arrived to the spot, Bright suggested Haycraft to check her Twitter feed. Sure enough, Westbrook tweeted:

.@rachelhaycraft, @chuuuuck1 loves u, he wants to know if u would spend the rest of ur life watching thunder games w/ him. #marryhim #Whynot

“I’m on Twitter a lot anyway, but I’ve never really had someone suggest, ‘Hey, why don’t you check Twitter right now,’” Haycraft told “But he asked me to get on there and I did and I saw on the app that Russell had mentioned me and I was like, ‘Why did Russell mention me?’ Then I looked at the tweet and was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is crazy’. First of all that Russell Westbrook is tweeting at me and then that you are asking to marry me, it was all wrapped into one, it was crazy.”

Bright added: “When she (checked), “I got down on one knee and asked her if she’d marry me and luckily she said yes.”

Haycraft, of course, tweeted back Westbrook to say she said yes, along with a pic of the newly engaged couple showing of the ring.


[Source: NewsOK]

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