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How to Do a Down 'do

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The Vibe

A down or half-down look has a romantic feel, says celebrity stylist Remona Soleimani of Washington D.C.-based Bridal Hair by Remona. But it also imparts an easy, natural vibe. “On any given day most women tend to wear their hair down,” says Soleimani, so it makes sense that on their wedding day they would like to look like a perfect version of their normal self.

Look no further than the famous down-do worn by Kate Middleton in 2011. According to the duchess’s hairdresser. Middleton chose a down style because it felt better suited to her down-to-earth, relaxed personality than a stuffy up-do.

Practical Matters

If you plan on having an outdoor wedding during the summer, keep in mind that humidity can quickly turn your sleek style flat or frizzy, and breezes can wreak havoc during pictures.

But regardless of the season or venue, unless your hair is very naturally curly, any hair worn down or mostly down will “fall” (i.e. get a little limp) to some extent as the night progresses and you hit the dance floor, warns Gina Ludwig, owner of, which employs hair stylists across the country and sells coiffure accessories.

“Therefore,” says Ludwig, “these styles are best on a bride who has some natural texture to her hair, whose hair will hold a curl fairly well, and whose hair is not too fine or thin.”  Ask for hair extensions if you need a little extra volume or length, Soleimani adds.

Complete the Look

If you know you want to wear your hair down, Soleimani advises focusing on strapless designs when gown shopping, because your long locks won’t end up obstructing any gorgeous details on the dress. And, notes Ludwig, look for veils that are at least a touch longer than your hair.

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